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Natalia Rugs by Asiatic’s Group is a manufacturer, exporter, online retailer, drop shipper, and wholesale supplier of handmade rugs and carpets from Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan and Turkmenistan. We sell to consumers, importer/distributors, interior designers, and retailers worldwide.

  • If you are a consumer buying for your home, please shop online on our website for a wide range of fine-quality handmade rugs.
  • If you are a retail store owner interested in buying Natalia Rugs by Asiatic’s Group carpets to resell at your store, please contact us for our wholesale importer/distributor who may have a wholesale warehouse in your region/area. If you prefer to import our carpets yourself, you may request a quotation and buy from us directly.
  • If you are an interior designer, please view our Interior Designer information and learn how you can work with Natalia Rugs by Asiatic’s Group for your interior design projects.

Retail Stores / Outlets

Are you a retail store owner looking to buy Natalia Rugs by Asiatic’s Group carpets to resell at your store? Natalia Rugs by Asiatic’s Group is a leading retailer of handmade rugs, kilims, pillow covers, saddle bags and other unique handmade gifts. Please drop us an inquiry for further details.

If you are interested in seeing our carpets in person rather than buying online, we might arrange for a visit to one of our warehouse in Lahore.

Interior Designers

If you are an interior designer and you would like to procure Natalia Rugs by Asiatic’s Group carpets for your project, please contact us for a quotation and additional information. We offer interior designers discounted prices and personalized customer service.

We can customize any carpet on our website to meet your specific design requirements. We can also make carpets not displayed on our website.

Custom Orders

Natalia Rugs by Asiatic’s Group is a forerunner in providing Custom Orders facility. If you like a carpet design on our website and want it made in a specific size or quantity, we can make them from scratch for you. Please mention the Carpet No. whose design/style you like in your inquiry, or send us your own carpet design through email.

We can also design and produce any design you desire; all you have to do is send us a picture of the design to begin the process.