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Our Story

Natalia Rugs brings affordable luxury products to Pakistan with our signature series of handmade carpets as its flagship product. We also offer exquisite designs from around the world over in home décor; cushions, pillows, ottomans and runners.

Natalia Rugs is the only internationally acclaimed luxury carpets retailer from Pakistan with 20+ years of quality service to over 50 countries around the globe. Our rugs are mostly produced in Pakistan but we carry a large range of stock from Iran, India and Afghanistan and many other countries. This makes Natalia Rugs the only international retailer with access to an inventory bigger than 30,000 carpets at any time. Natalia Rugs only carries fine handmade rugs and has thousands of hand-picked carpets in stock at any time to choose from.

Rug Making Process

We handcraft one-of-a-kind rugs and kilims with great attention to detail and quality. All rugs are handmade from organic materials – standing the test of time.

We get started with the most appreciated quality of wool.

The wool is carefully spinned, cut, and is prepared for dyeing and we use different organic colors to bring the perfect dye to the wool.

Our rugs are designed digitally and through graphing where each rug has a unique design.

The rugs are carefully gone through the process of weaving, cleaning, and washing.

After washing and cleaning, zinjiri is completed.

Finally, Kinara rafoo is done to give the rugs a more delicate look.


We have the vision to be the best company worldwide providing premium quality rugs to our customers in terms of style and design.

CEO Message

We started with a purpose of making rugs that may just define your persona for all sorts of ambiances.  We have found the diamonds in the rough for you and our hand-knotted rugs are comparable with all the high-end brands.